About @ heart.


My name is Antonella, I am a visual designer based in Byron Bay. For the past 6 years I have had the opportunity to work and travel around the world where I have found inspiration from a variety of diverse cultures and places. I have created this project to be able to connect with people that inspire me to continue believing that we can make positive change. 

I help those who are not afraid to make this world a better place through unique brands that bring people together. I’m passionate about providing the communication tools so they can spread their message in a impactful way. 

Throughout my experience, I have been serving start up companies and small businesses throughout Europe and South America that needed help branding their concepts and by creating all of the resources needed for them to be able to launch their ideas.

I am looking for ethical & sustainable entrepreneurs around that world area that need a visual designer to make their projects come to life. If that sounds like you please contact me at info@atheartdesign.com